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blair hanson

Well Hello There!!

I am so glad that you have visited my site! I am sure you have tons of questions but let me assure you that you have come to the right place! I would love to meet up to answer any questions you have if they are not answered in my FAQ!! 

I have been doing photography for almost 9 years now and have specialized in weddings for the last 5!! Weddings are my passion! I love everything about them and if I was allowed, I would have a wedding for myself every year! They just bring so much happiness and joy! I love seeing 2 become 1 and families get together to share in that joy! 

I was married in 2014, September 13th, to Eric Hanson. We have dated since we were 19 years old! It was unbelievable weather and the whole family and all my friends made it so memorable! I have 3 gorgeous kiddos!  Oliver "Bud" is 11 and loves anything that has to do with video games and I hate it!! Lol!! He also enjoys baseball, his dog Wyatt Dude Darkness, and he is an aspiring actor and model! You can check him out on his IG @oliver.w.hanson Then we have Ava Liz and she is 10! She is a girly girl and loves anything sparkly and purple! She loves her dance, she is in Jazz, Tap, and Lyrical! But her favorite thing to do is Paint!! And my youngest is Everli! She is 7 and loves to make silly faces and she has the most amazing eyebrows! Her favorite animal is a sloth and loves to pay 31 the card game! She also loves dance and baseball!

I hope that we can meet up to chat more so I can learn more about you and your wedding!! I would love to help out in any way I can! 



Contact me

Tel: 509 . 521 . 188


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